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Richard King is a commercial photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Specializing in photography for the defensive industry, Richard brings more than fifteen years of hands on experience. Richard has served as a sniper and entry team member on a Metro Atlanta SWAT team, and is currently an active law enforcement officer. As a result of Richard's personal experience, your end result will be visually and fundamentally correct.

Richard has published work in the following magazines:

Guns and Ammo
Guns and Ammo- Tactical Operator
Guns and Ammo- Personal Defense

Impact! Magazine
Shotgun News
Combat Arms
Shooting Times
Book of the AR-15
Book of the AR-15 Blackout
Book of the AK-47
Book of the 1911
Book of the Sniper
Petersen's Rifle Shooter

Recoil Magazine
Rifle Firepower
Tactical Weapons for Military and Law Enforcement

Some of Richard's recent clients include:

Accuracy International

Advanced Armament Corp.


American Defense Manufacturing


B.E. Meyers Inc.
Combative Edge
Glock Inc.
L3 Communications- EOTech

Mayflower, Inc.
Mechanix Wear
Multitasker Tools
Nightforce Optics
Ohio Ordnance Works Inc.

Sig Sauer Inc.

Tactical Distributors
Team Wendy
Troy Industries

U.S. Elite

Velocity Systems
Viking Tactics Inc.

If Richard can help you with a project, contact him directly at

(SOT available for direct shipments)

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